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moveout2The Arc works with families to plan for the future of their loved ones.
Planning for the future is important for everyone, but for families of people with developmental disabilities, planning is essential. Who will take care of your loved one when you are gone? While it is difficult to look ahead, the reality of today is that there are no guarantees for tomorrow. Planning now is crucial to secure the future a family envisions for a loved one with a disability.

Many government-funded programs that people with disabilities receive are based on income and assets. Inheritances over $2,000 often make people with disabilities ineligible for necessary government supports. Planning is important for your family member’s future. Create a peace of mind about your child’s future. Do not delay!

What are ways I can plan for my family member’s future?

More Resources

Click here to view our Take Control Summit August 2019 – August 2020 Resource Guide. This future and financial care resource guide provides information on products, financial plans, and services available for you to care for your loved ones. The Arc Prince George’s County is committed to being your life partner to help you live your best life on purpose.

Click here to view the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council’s guide: Planning Now: A Futures and Estate Planning Guide for Parents of Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

The Arc of the U.S. publishes Future Planning Resources, a list of books, agencies and other resources that address financial and legal planning. Click here to view a copy.

Future Planning Resources

By Their Side
Provides futures planning assistance to families and pre-arranged service monitoring for individuals with developmental disabilities upon the death or disability of the parent.

Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council
Offers free to families Planning Now: A Future & Estate Planning Guide for Parents of Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Offers Estate Planning information.

Note: These providers are not endorsed or approved by The Arc of Prince George’s County. This contact information is provided as a service; families must determine for themselves if these providers are able to support the needs of their family member(s).

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