The Arc Prince George’s County is proud to be an advocate for people with disabilities and their families. Check back here for the latest updates on our Advocacy activities and results.

Learn more about advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities by following the Prince George’s County Provider’s Council on Facebook.

Upcoming Activities & Current Initiatives:

For the third Consecutive year, County Executive Baker has failed to allocate any funding for Community-Based Providers of Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), despite a county budget increase of $130 Million. Prince George’s County providers face a collective $14 Million budget challenge to meet the County’s minimum wage requirements. Of that $14 Million we have asked our county leadership for temporary support of $3.5 Million. If the 2018 Budget draft stands as is, providers will receive $0 in support temporarily or otherwise.

Our voices MUST be heard at this critical time. People with disabilities are equal citizens within our county and providers must receive funding to ensure dignified care provided by quality staff. The county has put providers in a difficult situation giving us no way to sustain quality services without the resources to hire and retain staff. We are building capacity for services, but the actions of our county leadership are in opposition to the advances we are making for the people we serve.
We will join county providers, families, volunteers and direct support professionals for another rally on April 11, 2017. Please check back here or on the Provider’s Council Facebook page for more detailed information as it becomes available.
This will be a peaceful rally, bring your signs and posters (without sticks) and join us in showing solidarity with our Direct Support Professionals who provide critical care to our neighbors.

For Media Inquires:
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Special Projects Liaison
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