The Arc Prince George’s County proudly celebrates 65 years of support, opportunity and understanding for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Since our founding by a group of parents in 1952, The Arc has been a leader in advocacy, employment and community inclusion. These families were seeking equality and social justice for their children. Now, more than ever these families and so many other partners are proud to champion diversity and inclusion in our neighborhoods and give a voice to individuals who may not otherwise have an opportunity to be heard. With the help of our dedicated partners, colleagues and members, we have been at the forefront of legislation and policy designed to support individuals of all abilities, creating a more vibrant and diverse county.

As we continue lighting the way to a brighter tomorrow, we need your support. Here are 3 ways YOU can make a difference:

1. Jobs: Last year, we set a goal of helping 50 people find meaningful employment. Today we are at 61 successful employments and counting! We need your support to ensure our neighbors have the opportunity to work and thrive in our county.  As you are out in our community visiting restaurants, hotels, talking to vendors, having lunch or enjoying a show, please ask if that establishment would consider hiring someone with a disability supported by The Arc's Employment Services Program. The warm leads you help us create in the community will enable us to provide specialized training and support to match the right people with the right jobs. As you engage with businesses you can direct them to a member of our Employment Services Team or directly to Executive Director Rob Malone ( 

  1. Legacy & Planned Giving: As you consider an organization to support in legacy giving we encourage you to consider The Arc Prince George's County. Your legacy gifts will ensure a brighter tomorrow for our neighbors with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Visit our Legacy Planning page to learn more.
  2. Filling the Funding Gap: Nearly 90% of the funding for the programs and supports we provide comes from the state of Maryland. Currently, the Prince George's County minimum wage is higher than that of the state, creating a funding gap for disability service providers in our county. We need your voice in outreach to the County Council in support of funding for FY2018. This funding is critical in recruiting and maintaining quality staff to provide the supports necessary for individuals with disabilities to live meaningful lives in our community. Call your council representative today and urge them to support funding for disability services. 


Lighting The Way To A Brighter Tomorrow


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