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Helpful Information For Staff Members:
I Care Manager WebsiteI Care Manager Website
COVID Q&AStaff Training Page (New Staff and Information About Training)
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Activating Your Arc Email (direct website Pay Schedule
Arc Employee HandbookHoliday Schedule 2022


Forms for Download:

  1. Department List FY 17
  2. Emergency Disaster Plan routes
  3. Employee Verification
  4. Employee Verification – Wage Verify Employee Guide
  5. HR Add Change Form
  6. Individual Specific Training Record
  7. Internal Transfer Form  
  8. Internal Commitment to Customer Service
  9. Marketing Request Form
  10. Payroll Guidelines For Leadership
  11. Person-Centered Planning Tools
  12. Site and Individual Specific Training
  13. Travel Expense Reimbursement Request 100108
  14. Vehicle Accident Form
  15. Vehicle Policy
  16. Viewing You Staff Trainings (Supervisors: View your staff training tutorial)
  17. Work Log
  18. Workers Compensation Incident Report
  19. Workers Compensation Process
  20. Personal Release Form
  21. Community Living Quarterly Meetings