Transitioning Youth

What is Transition?
Transition is the period of time when a student prepares to move from life as a student to life in the adult world. For students with developmental disabilities, this means planning not only training and careers, but also identifying adult service providers. Maryland students are entitled to a free, appropriate and public education. Students with disabilities receive this entitlement until they complete the school year in which they turn 21; after this—eligibility and availability of funds determine services. Finding adult service providers is the responsibility of the student and the student’s family.

What Services does The Arc provide?
The Arc wants to make sure that the transition from childhood to adulthood is smooth. Here are a few of the services we offer:

Who do I contact?
If you have questions about the Transitioning Youth Process, contact Melonee Clark at 301-925-7050 ext 307. For more information about Transition, click here and download a copy of the Transition Planning Guide. Click here to download an informative booklet entitled After the School Bus Stops Coming…

What is the next step in services?
The Arc would love to meet you and discuss our different programs for adults. The Arc offers four Adult Day Programs and an Employment Services Program.

What are some areas of transition that I need to consider?
Applying for Metro Access, getting a Non-Driver’s Maryland Identification Card, applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), applying for Medicaid, and attending the College for Living at PGCC.

Click here to visit the Maryland Transitioning Youth website.
Click here to view additional resources.

Let us know how we can help!

If you have questions about services or programs of The Arc Prince George’s County, or if you need information, please contact us at any time. Our staff are ready to assist you.