Children and Youth Programs

Our children’s programs are designed to support families of children with a disability diagnosis between birth and 21 years old. Our services support families in connecting with services and DDA funding as well as child care, future planning, educational advocacy and respite care. Our Autism Waiver program is dedicated to providing information and support for children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.

Autism Waiver

What is the Autism Waiver? The Autism Waiver is designed to help children with autism spectrum disorder receive specialized services, such as intensive individual support services, therapeutic integration, and residential habilitation. Who is eligible? The Autism Waiver serves children who have been diagnosed with an…

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Subsidized by a grant from the Maryland State Department of Education, The Arc Childcare Program supports children with disabilities in an inclusive setting within the Northwestern Child Developmental Center in Hyattsville. The partnership with Northwestern CDC supports children with developmental disabilities and/or medically fragile conditions.…

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Education Advocacy

The Arc offers workshops on a variety of special education topics that have been proven to be very helpful to families, increasing their knowledge of the system and strengthening their advocacy skills. Please check The Arc's monthly calendar of events for listings! The Arc is…

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Infants & Toddlers

What is the Infants and Toddlers Program? The Arc provides case management services for children from birth to age three who have a diagnosed condition, a developmental delay, or atypical development. Service Coordinators arrange family training, counseling, home visits, developmental education services, therapy services, and…

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Transitioning Youth

What is Transition? Transition is the period of time when a student prepares to move from life as a student to life in the adult world. For students with developmental disabilities, this means planning not only training and careers, but also identifying adult service providers.…

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