Day Services

  • What are Day Services?


    What are Day Services?
    The Arc’s Day Services provide a variety of recreational, enrichment, vocational, community, and therapeutic experiences, ensuring that the people we support enjoy a meaningful day. The Arc has four day centers providing services for the Northern, Central, and Southern areas of Prince George’s County. These facilities are located in Laurel.

    What happens during the day?
    The goal of The Arc’s Day Services is to support community integration and provide exciting experiences for all participants in the program(s). Supported by an Arts, Personal Development, and Fitness Coordinator, the specialists and staff at each center offer a wide range of activities and excursions related to the arts, movement and dance, fitness, music, personal development skills and enhancements, and technology. Through community partnerships with arts and cultural organizations, fitness and recreation facilities, the Maryland-National Capitol Parks and Planning Commission, local businesses and civic organizations, participants are provided an exciting range of outings and enrichment opportunities.Community Links is a pilot program launched in 2015 that works to further integrate clients into the community with skills-based learning and volunteering opportunities. Participants are collected into small groups based on geography and interests. This intentional small grouping has succeeded in creating a “new community” among participants. Each day, a staff member picks up their participants (in a “normal” car rather than Access van) and takes them to activities that are focused on enhancing their personal development.The Bridges Program in Largo supports people with significant medical needs.  Two full-time nurses care for participants’ medical needs while a creative and caring staff provides activities that encourage physical exercise, enhance self-awareness and creativity, and promote social interaction.  Small groups also attend daily recreational and leisure activities throughout the county.

    How do I get services?
    All applicants must be approved to receive services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) or have other means to pay for services. For more information about The Arc’s Day Support Services, contact employment services at or -240-532-6001. To set up a tour of a specific day program, please contact the program Director:
    Laurel Day Services: Regina S. Fanday Gaye, Northern Region Director. 301-498-2910, ext. 7422
    Bridges of Largo Medical Day Services: Robin Bracey 301-925-7050, ext. 422Click here to view additional resources.

  • Community Links Program

    The Arc has launched an exciting new initiative we’re calling Community Links. This project, which targets the individuals in our three adult day centers throughout the county, is designed to develop a wide array of community partnerships in such areas of arts, fitness, and personal development. Community Links will measure its success by the steadily increasing participation of individuals in our day programs as they explore new enrichment opportunities and join groups of people with shared interests in inclusive community settings.Some initial activities include printmaking, designing terrariums, calendar and map-making, circuit training, nature walks, music appreciation and singing, dance and movement. Instruction on nutrition and making healthy shopping choices at our local Wegman’s supermarket will be offered and following that, group cooking projects. Educational discussion about the upcoming presidential election, civic rights and responsibilities will generate additional outings, conversations, and creative opportunities for self-expression.

    Community partnerships are good for the community. And enriching our programming also benefits The Arc’s dedicated staff.  The Arc’s Community Links Program enables The Arc to achieve in new ways

    The Arc Prince George’s County, Community Links Program also offers individuals the opportunity to maximize their employment potential in an integrated work setting.  Community links affords businesses as well as organizations the ability to tap into a labor pool of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities to provide work, training and volunteer opportunities.

    The Arc staff strives to ensure that individuals in the Community Links Program prosper in their chosen positions in an integrated and customized work setting. The steps include:

    • Assessment of skills and desires for individual’s placement in the most appropriate Work and Volunteer settings.
    • Ongoing community outreach to provide customized employment choices and volunteer opportunities.
    • Continued involvement of an individual’s entire support network in the Employment/Volunteer process.
    • Onsite facilitators to ensure all individuals receive the support needed to succeed in their job/volunteer placement.
    • Coordination of all the resources needed for successful Employment/Volunteering positions, including:  assistance in completing applications, transportation and on the job training.

    Contact for Community Links Program is:

    Eugenia Ebb
    Community Links Coordinator
    The Arc Prince George’s County
    1401 McCormick Drive
    Largo, Maryland 20774
    (301) 925- 7050 ext. 242 (Office)
    (240) 281-8811 (Cell)

  • Community Learning Services (CLS)

    The Arc offers Community Learning Services (CLS), providing opportunities for individuals to discover what they want to engage in during their service hours with The Arc. Community Learning Services is a DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) funded program and is an alternative to traditional building-based day services, offering programming for those who do not currently have the interest or developed skills to join the workforce, yet want to be active in their community.

    CLS services and activities are totally community based and inclusive, which fit into the CMS Final Rule requirements that (with the exception of self-advocacy groups) must be provided in community settings with people without disabilities, and in groups of no more than four individuals with all of whom have similar interests and goals as outlined in their person-centered plans and/or Individual Plans (plans of care). Activities focus on developing the skills necessary to cultivate community connections, promote positive personal growth, meet and exceed educational goals, and pursue employment options. CLS programming is based on the strengths, needs, goals and desires of individuals developed in their Individual Plan.

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