Staff Members

Rob MaloneExecutive Director301-925-7050, ext. 234
Carmelita AtaviadoDirector, Enrollment Management301-322-8306 ext. 5512
Kathy BeachCo-Director, Residential Services301-925-7050, ext. 257
Gloria ButlerDirector, Transportation301-925-2730, ext. 2224
Becky CarterDivision Director, Family and Community Services301-322-8306, ext. 5502
A. Henley, SPHRDirector, Human Resources301-925-7050, ext. 228
Michelle Howell, RNDirector, Nursing301-925-7050, ext. 251
Lorraine C. Holmes Settles, CFREDirector, Business & Resource Development301-925-7050, ext. 256
Michael Robinson, Ed.DDirector, Family & Community Supports301-322-8306, ext. 5510
Jennifer RudolphChief Financial Officer301-925-7050, ext. 226
Christina VargaDirector, Business Operations301-925-7050, ext. 233
Alvin VaughanDirector, Bridges of Largo Center301-925-7050, ext. 422
Natosha SimpsonDirector, Quality Advancement301-925-7050, ext. 304
Bill WilsonDirector, Finance301-925-7050, ext. 248
Sheila WoodsCo-Director, Residential Services301-925-7050, ext. 259