Training Department Q & A

  1. Q: If I am not a current Arc staff can I register for the available trainings?
    A: No, you must be a current Arc staff to register for trainings. NonArc staff can register for trainings by visiting the following link.
  2. Q: I am a current staff and would like a copy of my Training Transcript, how do I request a copy?
    A: In order to be eligible for a copy of your training transcript, you must come to the main office @ 1401 McCormick Drive and complete a Training Transcript Request and pay the $25 applicable fee.
  3. Q: I use to work with The Arc Prince George’s County but am no longer actively employed with them, am I still eligible to get a copy of my training transcript?
    A: In order to be eligible for a copy of your training transcript, you must either currently be actively employed with the agency OR have left The Arc in Good Standing.
  4. Q: How do I find out which trainings I am due for?
    A: To find out what trainings you are due for you will need to access the Twinis link and log into your profile.  To get information on your Maryland Board of Nursing Medication Technician certification status OR your Certified Nursing Assistant certification you can visit the following link
  5. Q: Will I be notified if a registered training is cancelled?
    A: You will always be notified if a training is cancelled as soon as its possible, however, it is recommended that you check The Arc Training Calendar the day of your training for any changes or cancellations.