Letter of Intent

What is a letter of intent?
The letter of intent is a document of your preferences for the care of your family member with a disability. It is a personal letter that guides your family member’s future caregiver. The letter is not a legally binding document.

What should be included in a letter of intent?
The guidelines should enhance your family member’s growth and independence. Include your family member’s full name, date and place of birth, and social security number. Include information about the type of day programs, employment, and living arrangements you prefer for your family member. Also include your family member’s likes and dislikes, habits, routines, religious preferences, and levels of independence. Leave information about government benefits for your family member, and list agencies like The Arc that the future caregiver should contact for help and advice.

How do I write a letter of intent?
Since the letter of intent is not a legally binding document, you may write your letter in any manner you choose. Your letter of intent should not contradict your will. Have your attorney read over your letter to ensure it matches your wishes left in your will.

What do I do with the letter of intent?
Place a copy of your letter of intent with your will and keep a copy for yourself. Also, give copies of your letter to people who will be responsible for making decisions about your family member.

Click here to download a Letter of Intent template