Aligning Advocates and Leaders: A New Member’s Story

Renee Garraway became a member of The Arc Prince George’s Count in 2015. “I’m a member for life,” she told us during a recent interview. “I joined to share in the advocacy for children with disabilities.”

                      The Garraway Family

Ms. Garraway, who is a school-based administrator, is working on her Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on Special Education. “I’m the parent of a child with special needs, and a special educator. The Arc provides the resources that not only my son needs, but all children with disabilities.”

It is in these resources that the Garraway family finds the biggest benefit of membership. “My drive is to work with educational leaders and policy makers. The Arc gives me an opportunity to connect with experts and advocates as we work together to in advocacy and informed voting.”

“I’m more knowledgeable about my son’s disability and what is available to him as he grows up. I will always see him as my baby, but he is going to grow into an adult and as his needs change, The Arc is there each step of the way.”

In addition to the resources and connections membership brings, Ms. Garraway find intangibles of membership equally as important. “Membership at The Arc gives parents a voice. We connect with the Executive Director and he listens to our input on the organization that is providing services to our loved ones. Arc staff are compassionate, committed, dedicated and supportive. You can’t find that on a website, you have to connect with the organization to find that and The Arc is there.”

“The Arc is an important organization to learn from, and contribute to,” says Ms. Garraway. “I encourage new members, or families and individuals who are not members to get connected. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s what makes an organization like The Arc so important to our community.”


We thank Ms. Garraway for giving of her time to share her story as we celebrate Membership Month. If you are not yet a member of The Arc, visit our membership page and sign up today! To stay connected with upcoming events, advocacy opportunities and more, sign up for our email Newsletter Today!